Friday, July 23, 2021

Karachi Port: handles 894,017 tonnes of cargo

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Karachi port handles 894,017 Tonnes of cargo.

Cargo handling operations remained active at Karachi port and Qasim port during the week of departure.

Karachi port handled a total volume of 894,017 tons where the share of imports and exports was 676,689 tons and 217,319 tons, respectively.

However, In the import category, the share of oil and liquid cargo and containerized cargo was 298,082 tons and, 251,340 tons followed by 21,066 tons of bulk cargo, 36,404 tons of soybean seeds, 45,444 tons of wheat, 23,576 tons of iron scrap and steel, and 786 cattle.

But export cargo at the port of Karachi was 146,845 tons of containerized cargo, which consist of 1,069 tons of bulk cargo, 21,250 tons of cement, 29,000 tons of clinker, 17,155 tons of iron ore, and 2,000 tons of oil and net charge. Moreover, 35 ships took to dock and 27 ships set sail during the last week.

Besides it, Port Qasim handled, a total cargo volume of 862,621 tons was comprising 632,814 tons of imports and 229,843 tons of exports during the last week.

Furthermore, Imported cargo composed of steel coil, coal, palm oil, motor gasoline, LNG, wheat, chemicals, project cargo, and container cargo. The exported goods included cement and also containerized cargo.

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