Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Martin Scorsese reacts to ‘Goncharov’

Francesca Scorsese said her father knows about the Tumblr-pseudo-film Goncharov.

According to NME, a fake Scorsese movie called “Goncharov” was made online last month. It starred Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Gene Hackman, and Harvey Keitel.

Goncharov is a “former discotheque proprietor who came to Naples after the Soviet Union’s disintegration.”

The phoney film’s fan poster went viral, inspiring art mood boards, fake reviews, and fan fiction.

The 80-year-old daughter confirmed that her father is informed. She answered a TikTok user who questioned, “Do you suppose Francesca has had to explain to her dad Martin Scorsese that Tumblr… The video then switches to a video that Francesca shot of herself.

She tweeted a screenshot of her father’s chat with an amused look. “Did you see this?” she asked, sending him a link to an article about the bogus movie. Martin agreed. The film is old.

This month, bogus films have increased in popularity. Goncharov was inspired by a Tumblr post.In the message, a photo displays “knockoff boots” the user ordered online, with a tag on the tongue that reads “Martin Scorsese Presents Goncharov.”

In 2020, another Tumblr user shared it and remarked, “This moron hasn’t watched Goncharov.”

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