Fake Version of WhatsApp distributed on the Internet

Canadian cybersecurity experts have identified a fake version of WhatsApp that is distributed on the Internet and is believed to have been developed specifically for iPhone users by the Italian surveillance company Cy4Gate.

The University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab, which works with Motherboard, found a fake version of WhatsApp after ZecOps, a US-based network security company, reported attacks on iPhone users last week.

According to the details, the malware tricked iPhone users into installing certain configuration files on their phones, which would send all their data to the hackers.

A WhatsApp spokesperson condemned and promised to take action against the fake version of the instant messaging app.

He said that “the company is firmly against the abuse of corporate spies, regardless of their clients. Changing WhatsApp to harm others is against our terms of service.”

To ensure chat safety, we recommend downloading WhatsApp from the App Store for your mobile platform, added the spokesperson.


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