Sunday, December 4, 2022

Meghan Markle placard mocked England fans

Prince George, Kate Middleton, and Prince William all went to the final of Euro 2021 without Meghan Markle.

A harsh placard by Italian supporters highlighted the Duchess of Sussex’s attendance.

Italians raised a red, white, and green flag with a black marker message. “Meghan, One of Us” was flagged.

Many England fans saw the banner as a jab at the royal family’s spat with Meghan Markle.

Twitter user: “We all prayed in Meghan Markle’s name for Italy to win, and they (expletive) DID!!! #ITA.”

“Italy, thank you for helping Meghan and Harry. “I adore seeing that country sad,” another fan said.

A third added, “I can’t feel sorry for Brits.” “They’ve been incredibly cruel since Meghan and Harry gave up their royal duties.”

“In the final and throughout the tournament, Italy played better.”

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