Riyadh suspends arrivals from 20 countries over Covid-19

Riyadh suspends arrivals from 20 countries to Saudi Arabia as a precautionary step to stem the spread of Covid-19.

However except Saudi residents, ambassadors, well-being specialists and their families. Its said by authority Saudi Press Agency, referring to an anonymous source from the Interior Ministry.

Furthermore it added that the choice will produce results from 9 p.m. nearby time (1800 GMT) on Wednesday.

The enrolled nations that Riyadh suspends arrivals are Argentina, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, the US, Indonesia, Italy, Pakistan. Also the United Kingdom, Turkey, Sweden, France, Lebanon, Egypt, India, Japan, Ireland, Brazil, Portugal, Switzerland and South Africa.

The Arab country enlisted 310 new COVID-19 cases and four related deaths over the most recent 24 hours, pushing the complete to 368,639 cases and 6,383 fatalities.


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