Thursday, December 8, 2022

Season 2 of ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ on Netflix: Teaser, Plot, and More

Netflix has revealed Vikings: Valhalla’s second sequel’s release date. The eight-part series premieres January 12, 2023.

Michael Hirst created Vikings: Valhalla for MGM. The series is based on Vikings: Valhalla, which takes place 100 years after Ragnar Lothbrok’s sons sailed to England for retribution.

Jeb Stuart, the showrunner and executive producer, claimed in an interview that season 2 will “blast these three heroes in Scandinavia out of their comfort zones.” Harald and Leif’s second season is a road journey along the Dnieper River. They’ll start this journey together. Freyds must go to Pomerania, a tough place.

Netflix renewed Vikings: Valhalla for seasons 2 and 3 on March 9, 2022. The third season’s release date is currently unknown.

Bradley James, Mariam, Marcin Dorocinski, and Sofya Lebedeva join the cast.

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