Friday, July 23, 2021

UET is an example for students requesting online exams

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The Lahore University of Engineering and Technology (UET) administration stopped three students and fined two others for protesting the university for taking the exam in person at the gathering.

The students, Mohamed Junaid, Mohamed Faruh and Mohamed Harun were suspended for one semester for keeping students from taking private exams.

Zunair Haider was fined Rs. 20,000 for calling for protest via his Twitter account, and Daoud Ahmad was fined Rs. 5000 to answer the call.

In other news, the Lahore police arrested several students of Central Punjab University (UCP) for dispersal as they were protesting against the university’s decision to take the university’s exams.

Similar protests were reported across Pakistan and prompted the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to listen to the situation. He has now directed the university to make their own decisions about taking exams in person or online.

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