Monday, October 3, 2022

Internet in Pakistan is down for the ninth time in a week

Multiple Internet service providers and mobile networks in Pakistan are down again, which affects people all over the country.

In the past few days in Pakistan, Fix the service so many times because the internet went down that it’s hard to keep track. Also, it’s still not clear whether the submarine cable or the flooding is to blame. In the same way, it’s hard to say that the PTA didn’t interfere with internet access for political reasons.

It seems that PTA, which is too busy worrying about small things, can’t make sure that its customers have a stable internet connection. Which is a basic need in the modern world.

Remember that it is 2022, not 2007 when only a few hundred thousand people were online. Over 115 million people in the country use the internet. They depend on it a lot for both personal and professional reasons. If this trend keeps going, PTA will no longer be able to control the market.


We found out that today’s outage is caused by problems with PTCL’s fiber in the south of the country. But it wasn’t clear yet how long it might take to get all the services back to normal.

Users of PTCL in the Northern and Central regions can’t get on the Internet because there have been multiple breaks in the optic fibers. In a statement released just after midnight, a PTCL representative said, “Our staff is working as quickly as possible to get the services back up and running.”

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It’s important to know that Jazz says PTCL’s fiber outage didn’t affect its services today or yesterday.

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