Monday, October 3, 2022

This gaming group stole Thousands from Pakistani gamers

A fake gaming group has scammed people in Pakistan out of thousands of rupees. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is cracking down on an online gaming group that is luring minors with promises of thousands of dollars in rewards in order to get their personal information and login credentials.

The group advertises these contests online and promises that the winners will get a variety of prizes. For kids to join these contests, they have to pay anywhere from Rs 6,000 to Rs 8,000. Then, the kids make fake profiles to try to win prizes.

Children are asked to send money online and other methods and terms of prizes if they do. Con artists quit chatting to gamers after receiving compensation. The latest example of this widespread problem is the theft of thousands of dollars from the bank accounts of minors.

FIA says that people who steal from innocent people will face serious consequences. An FIA official also told parents to watch how much time their kids spend online to keep them safe.

Under the Cybercrime Act, FIA agrees to take legal action against the scammers, even though neither the group nor the games, there is no mention of the victims.

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We advise that players only enter reputable competitions in the future. When dealing with a new company, it’s smart to check out as much as you can about its history and reputation through online research and word of mouth. You can always file a report with FIA through their website if you see something suspicious on the internet.

Scams have become more common in Pakistan over the past few years, especially in the telecommunications and gaming industries. We’ve all heard about Razia, the girl who is always in the hospital and could really use some money right now. Tell the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority right away about any suspicious activity (PTA).

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