Saturday, January 28, 2023

Pakistan Govt to allocate 700MHz bands for 5G

The govt of Pakistan is working to get 700MHz bands ready for the 5G rollout. This is likely because the 700MHz band (also known as n28) has better coverage and works better.

The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology plans to set up 5G using the following low, medium, and high-frequency bands.


  • 700MHz
  • 2.3GHz
  • s2.6GHz
  • s3.5GHz


  • C-Band (3.6-4.2) GHz
  • Millimeter Wavebands


  • Backhaul Radio Channels That Are Free (P2P & P2MP)

The Ministry has also made a “Framework for Frequency Spectrum Re-farming” to manage the spectrum in a flexible way and make it available for all new uses. The Framework is used for both wireless broadband and digital broadcasting, but details are still sketchy at this point.

Spectrum refarming is the process of using the same frequency bands for different things. Like using better technologies or completely new services. If a telecom company is already using a 900MHz band for 2G services. It is sometimes able to free up some of that spectrum to make room for LTE services.

When it comes time to alter the routine usage of a particular frequency band, the PTA, PEMRA, and FAB will inform the appropriate parties. There is a chance that the groups could talk to the current user about re-framing the spectrum.

This is not going to happen soon

Pakistan’s govt and regulatory bodies are already working hard to bring the next generation (5G Bands) of mobile networks to the country. However, 5G won’t be the official mobile network of record for a while. Before Pakistan uses 5G, there are many problems to fix. The release date is always pushed back many times, and at this point, it is thought that it will come out sometime in 2023, but this is not yet confirmed.

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When 5G deployment starts, it is likely that the service is really available first in the country’s biggest cities, such as Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and Peshawar.

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