Thursday, October 6, 2022

PEACE finishes projects from Pakistan to France

PEACE Cable International Network (PEACE Cable) has finished developing and laying projects undersea cable infrastructure in Pakistan. Together with Cyber Internet Services (Cybernet), the best Internet and data communication network service provider in Pakistan,

PEACE hasĀ made the last link between Pakistan and Egypt. This means that PEACE is now making with its projects and that the service can run between Karachi, Pakistan, and also Marseille, France.

The PEACE projects that go from Pakistan to Egypt are 5,800 kilometers long. It starts in Karachi, Pakistan, and also ends in Zafarana, Egypt. In 2021, both the Karachi and Zafarana landings became completed. The Zafarana landing is first done in December.

Also, in March 2022, RFS is first reached for the 3,200-kilometer section of PEACE that goes from Marseille, France, to Abu Talat, Egypt. This section runs from France to Egypt and goes from Marseille to Abu Talat. So, the route for the PEACE cable system from Pakistan to France is now completeĀ and ready to go.

In 2019, both Cybernet and PEACE Cable signed agreements to land. Cybernet, which is the landing partner of PEACE in Pakistan. It has built a state-of-the-art Cable Landing Station in Karachi to make it easy to use the capacity of the undersea cable at easily accessible connecting points all over Pakistan.

Cybernet’s national fiber optic network is the largest, which will make PEACE easier to use and improve Asia’s economic prospects.

With the PEACE underwater cable system in place. Pakistan and France can become able to connect to the internet quickly and also in large numbers.

This cable connects Pakistan and France. Its design will bring latency down to just 92 milliseconds, which is very low. This will give Pakistan’s Internet infrastructure some much-needed redundancy. It will also speed up Internet-based applications and improve the user experience for people in Pakistan.

With the new capacity, it will be possible to offer ultra-high bandwidth connections to the people of Pakistan. With speeds on par with those in Hong Kong, Singapore, and New York.

A key part of the PEACE Cable System connects Pakistan, France, Egypt, and Kenya. This bridges the digital gap between Asia, Africa, and Europe. The system as a whole uses a cutting-edge “system-within-a-system” architecture, with sophisticated ROADM supported by WSS and Flexible Grid to provide PoP-to-PoP (Point-to-Point) solutions.

Between Pakistan and Egypt, PEACE can carry up to 96T. Between Egypt and France, across the Mediterranean, it can carry up to 192T.

At the same time, PEACE is being built for the Singapore extension. This will extend the reach of the PEACE submarine cable system to Southeast Asia. Make its network resources even more valuable. Connecting the Southeast Asian international circuit transfer center to France will make Singapore a major way for Asia and Europe to connect with each other.

The chief operating officer of PEACE Cable, Sun Xiaohua, said, “The part from Pakistan to France is now built well, which is a great step forward”. Cybernet will give customers high-speed traffic and give Pakistan’s Internet backbone the redundancy it needs to keep up with the growing digital economy of the country.

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Shoaib Qureshi, who is the Country Manager of PEACE Cable in Pakistan, says the following… “PEACE is the world’s first international cable that starts in Pakistan and goes to Europe, Africa, and Singapore. This is a new start for the undersea technology market in Pakistan. We can not haveĀ happier to improve connections in this area.

After the Pakistanā€“France leg of the PEACE underwater cable system is finished, Cybernet’s chief operating officer, Maroof Ali Shahani, said, “This will have a huge impact on the digital environment in Pakistan.”

He continued by saying, “At the heart of what we do is making it easy for businesses and customers to do business. In a world where technology is always changing, the country will be able to keep up with it thanks to the cable infrastructure.

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