Monday, October 3, 2022

YouTube will add Watermarks in Shorts to Prevent Reposting

The short videos on YouTube for sharing videos now have watermarks that stop them from becoming shared on other apps like TikTok and Instagram. A recent update makes it clear that YouTube does not want its users to share YouTube Shorts without giving credit.

Unlike TikTok and Instagram, YouTube videos also do not use watermarks before, but that all changed today. If users download and share YouTube Shorts on other platforms, watermarks are always added, according to a support article from the company. The update is now available for desktop users of YouTube. Mobile users may see the change in the coming months.

Social media content creators often post their work in more than one place to reach more people. It makes more sense to use the same video on more than one channel than to make new ones from scratch. YouTube’s latest move aims to bring users back.

TikTok already does this with its own watermarks, which also show the username of the person who made it. This makes it possible to sometimes find the original version on TikTok. Details about how watermarks work on YouTube are, at best, sketchy.

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But if you want to avoid social media watermarks. You can use external video editors like Lama Fusion or Adobe After Effects and export the videos for each service separately. This disperses your audience across multiple platforms rather than having them all in one spot.

Everyone is not able to do this, and even if they can. Most people who make content will probably keep doing what they’ve always done, watermarks or no watermarks.

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