Monday, October 3, 2022

TikTok Track Your Online Moves

A new study by software expert Felix Krause shows that TikTok can track your Moves even if you use it to go to other sites. TikTok has become a well-known spying app, just like Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Krause helped start the company Fastlane, which tests apps and sold it to Google five years ago. Forbes was the first magazine to report on the study’s findings.

How things work

A study that came out on Thursday says that if you click on a link in the app, TikTok can add code to websites you visit. In order to track users, the app’s browser modifies pages when used in place of Chrome or Safari.

This lets the Chinese TikTok app keep track of everything you do on the web. TikTok could get private information like passwords and credit card numbers this way.

Krause speaks about the results and said the following:

The business chose to do this on purpose. This is not a simple technical task that just happens to happen.

TikTok has confirmed that this code is in the TikTok app browser, even though Forbes asked them not to. The employee stated said the coding in the software is not used for internet tracking.

We use an in-app browser like other platforms to make sure the user experience is smooth. But the Javascript in question is only ever fly for diagnostic and performance monitoring. Such as to see how quickly a page loads or if it crashes.

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TikTok says that this code comes from a software development kit (SDK) from a third party that has features that TikTok doesn’t use.

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