Monday, October 3, 2022

Telenor Pakistan revamps Pakistan’s retail sector

Telenor Pakistan decided to put all of its telecommunications and non-telecommunications services under one roof to make retailing easier.

In today’s world, which is becoming more digital and connected, digitization is spreading to every part of the business. Telenor Pakistan’s goal is to make sure that everyone in Pakistan has the technology and also opportunities they need.

With Apollo, a revolutionary app for digital distribution in stores, retailers can now sell more services in less time. Telenor Pakistan’s distribution spine has made the internet platform a full ecosystem for Pakistani retailers.

Telenor Pakistan has you covered when it comes to digital solutions with easy load, banking services, and bundle subscriptions.

Some of the features of an app that have nothing to do with telecommunications are digital ledgers, ordering FMCG, selling game vouchers, and others. This new strategy has given merchants more confidence and opened the door for more internet businesses to join the process of digitizing Pakistan. Collaboration is the way of the future as we set new goals for what technology can do.

Innovative brands should work together with brands from other industries for the sake of their customers. Brands need to offer customers new options that make their lives better in order to do well. Businesses that work with Pakistan’s most cutting-edge retail platform can work with more than 200,000 retail partners.

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Telenor Pakistan is teaming up with other companies to make the future more technologically accessible. However, not just yet. Over the past few years, Apollo has become the most popular online marketplace in Pakistan.

This and other projects run by Telenor Pakistan have made Pakistan a digital place where businesses can succeed on their own terms.

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