Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Zoom Fixes Critical Apple Security Issue

Zoom has a serious security issue that hackers can use to take full administrative control over Apple (Macs) running macOS. The company has given an update to fix this problem.

ArsTechnica became the first to report on this flaw, which could let hackers take control of the system. Zoom’s auto-updater software is mostly to blame since it has full administrative rights and is mostly responsible for the problem. When this flaw is in use, it lets malicious software take full control of the affected system. Due to the weak authentication procedures, any criminal can easily get into the system.

Patrick Wardle, who also started the group, is the first one to notice the vulnerability. For the good of the macOS community as a whole, the Objective-See Foundation works hard to strengthen the operating system’s defenses. During the month of December 2021, Wardle discovered this problem and quickly told the company about it. The company has been working on this problem all year and finally released a new version this year that properly addresses it. Zoom for Mac users must consistently be more likely to fix any bugs.

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Some of this security issue is already in the last few years in Apple macOS. In 2020, the FTC found out that Zoom has really lied to its customers by saying it offered end-to-end encryption when it did not. Also, Wardle found a problem with Zoom that let hackers get Windows passwords by decrypting encrypted text strings. As 2019 ran on, the company got more criticism for letting webcams hacked, but this issue also is quickly fixed.

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