Tuesday, January 31, 2023

TAWAL aims to meet the coverage needs of Pakistani telcos

Saudi Arabia is in charge of the TAWAL initiative, which aims to help mobile network (telcos) operators in Pakistan meet the growing needs for coverage and also capacity caused by the country’s rapidly growing data needs.

This afternoon, TAWAL’s Chief International Officer (CIO), Emmanuel Leonard, met with Finance Minister Miftah Ismail. The meeting is in the office of the Treasury.

TAWAL’s long-term goals, projects, and plans became shared with the minister of finance. Once the purchase of AWAL Telecom in Pakistan is finished. TAWAL will be able to help local mobile network (telcos) operators meet their needs for better coverage. More capacity so they can keep up with the growing demand for data. Because of this, mobile network providers will be able to keep up with the growing need for data. TAWAL has made it clear that this is one of its main goals. Along with making and keeping a reliable communications network up and also running.

The minister praised TAWAL for how well it works and pointed out how important it is to Pakistan’s telecommunications industry that TAWAL is there.

He told them that the current government would do everything it could to make it easier for businesses to do business in Pakistan and to get more FDI. He said this to show that the government will follow through on what it says it will do. Because of this, the group has more faith that he will work with them and accept their help.

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Juan Pablo Sanchez, who is in charge of TAWAL in Pakistan, and Shah Faisal Safdar Khattak. Who is in charge of the country, were both there.

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