Saturday, January 28, 2023

WhatsApp gets a native faster Windows app

Even though WhatsApp is still available on desktop computers, it is a web app, not a Windows app. However, it will all change as of right now. WhatsApp has just released a version of its program that only works on Windows.

For the native app, you no longer need a server that runs on the web. It looks and feels the same as the current WhatsApp Desktop client. But it will work better, use fewer resources, and open faster. It will work just like WhatsApp Desktop in that your conversations and calls are always sent because your phone isn’t connected to the internet.

Unofficial versions of WhatsApp are available for use on Macs, although the official version is still in development. This “Universal app,” which is currently in closed beta testing, will be based on the iPhone version of WhatsApp and will launch for macOS. It will work natively on MacBooks with Apple processors. 9to5Mac has said that the native macOS software is much faster than what we have now.

The desktop app is first connected to the mobile device regardless of the platform. Texts and calls are secure after installing the program.

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You can connect up to four devices to the same WhatsApp account, and even if your phone isn’t working, you can still use WhatsApp Desktop. But if you don’t use your phone for 14 days, it will turn off all the devices that connect to it.

The brand-new WhatsApp Desktop client is now available in the Windows app Store. On the WhatsApp website, under “Frequently ’re asking Questions,” you can find out more.

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