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Pakistani YouTuber reunites 1947-separated families

Nasir Dhillon is a Pakistani YouTuber who wants to reunite family and friends who are living in different places since 1947 when Pakistan and India became created.

Punjabi Lehar” is the name of a YouTube station that Nasir runs. He and a friend started the channel in 2016. Since then, the channel has helped hundreds of people make friends and meet up across borders.

In 1947, the British stopped being in charge of India, and Pakistan and India became born from the ashes. Because of the partition, 12 million people became forced to leave their homes. Between 500,000 and 1,000,000 people died in the process.

Because of how bad things are between Pakistan and India. It is almost impossible for people from either country to cross the Radcliffe Line and go visit their neighbors.

Where They Come From in Punjabi Lyrics

Nasir’s family split up, which is what led him to start a YouTube channel with the goal of bringing people back together.

Nasir’s father and grandfather moved to Pakistan from the city of Amritsar in the Indian state of Punjab. Nasir says that the couple’s last wish is to go back to their village in Amritsar. Because they died too soon, they never got to see where they came from. Pakistani YouTuber Nasir wants to start a YouTube channel with the goal of bringing together family members who lived in Pakistan and India.

Brothers reunited after 70 years

In January of this year, Punjabi Lehar is still in the news because it helped two brothers. Sadiq Khan, and Sikka Khan, meet again after more than seven decades.

After Partition, Sikka Khan’s mother and he stayed in India, but Sadiq Khan’s father and they moved to Pakistan.

Punjabi Lehar put up a video of a man named Sadiq Khan asking the internet community for help in India to find his missing brother.

When a man from Sikka Khan’s hometown saw Punjabi Lehar’s video. He got in touch with him to tell him that his brother is in Pakistan and has made a similar request for his family to come home.

Sadiq Khan and Sikka Khan met at the Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Narowal. This was made possible by the Kartarpur Corridor. A visa-free border crossing and religious corridor that connects the Gurdwara Darbar Sahib with the Gurdwara Dera Baba Nanak in Gurdaspur, India.

Ways That the Channel Was Made

Before he started the channel, Nasir used to go to Nankana Sahib, where Sikhism’s founder Baba Guru Nanak was born. There, Nasir met the Pakistani Sikh Bhupinder Singh Lovely, and the two later worked together on the YouTube channel Punjabi Lehar.

More than 98 million people have watched videos on Punjabi Lehar, and the channel has more than 602,000 subscribers. Nasir and Bhupinder have many contacts in both countries, so they’ve reconnected with friends and relatives.

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