Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Sony Cameras Get New Features to Prevent Photo Tampering

Sony cameras now have brand-new features for business people. Modern Sony cameras have anti-forgery software features that can spot changes made in-camera to prevent bad people from using the pictures they take for their own purposes.

Using digital photo data wrongly, like by changing it without permission, has caused chaos on a global scale. Sony made this anti-counterfeiting technology to make sure that the photographic evidence is accurate. This technology is based on basic cryptographic principles.

When the in-camera signature option is on, the Sony camera’s CPU uses cryptography to check the image. If the picture changes in any way, the image signature won’t work anymore. The customer’s certificate server will decide how the image changes.

Protecting a number of areas

Because image alteration is prevalent, cryptographic analysis is necessary to send images securely. This technology uses to check passports and ID cards, as well as in the media, medicine, and law enforcement. The construction and insurance industries benefited from this technology because it gave them a safe way to record damage and a reliable place to do inspections.

Yasuo Baba, who runs Sony’s Digital Imaging and European Product Marketing, said the following:

Sony’s in-camera digital signing is a real game-changer for stopping picture editing and forgery in a wide range of industries. This is all part of the company’s plan to strengthen business solutions with cutting-edge image technology. The digital signature is available in more than one language and all over the world. This means that businesses all over the world can use Sony technology to make it easier for their customers to sign pictures.

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This feature was first added to cameras with the Alpha 7 IV and has since been added to newer models. The Alpha 7 IV has a 33.0MP full-frame back-illuminated Exmor RTM CMOS image sensor and a BIONZ XRTM imaging engine for fast processing and high quality.

Before Sony’s signature mode can be turned on, a user license is needed. The company says enterprise customers will have access to this feature. Sony will keep looking for ways to use its cutting-edge imaging technology to improve security in many different areas. They are planning to bring in more models, including the Alpha 7 IV.

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