Tuesday, October 4, 2022

WhatsApp will soon allow deleted messages recovery

Has anyone here accidentally deleted WhatsApp messages they didn’t mean to delete? Changes coming to the messaging app will make it easier for users to undo what they’ve done. Not surprisingly, it was the WABetaInfo group that found out about the upcoming addition.

A small group of beta testers is currently putting the new features through their paces. When you deleted messages after updating to the latest version of WhatsApp. A confirmation window will pop up, giving you the chance to get the message back if you change your mind. But you only have a few seconds to read the message before it goes away forever.

This should keep you from having to retype all of your messages from the beginning if you accidentally erased a big chunk of text. At the moment, it’s not clear if you’ll also be able to get back files like voicemails, texts, and media using this feature.

Also, a new footer for WhatsApp Desktop is being made that will include information about end-to-end encryption. In a way similar to Snapchat’s bitmojis, the app will let you choose an avatar to represent you online. You can use your avatar to have live video conversations with other users, and you have full control over how it looks. It will also be part of WhatsApp for iOS and Desktop.

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These improvements are now only available to beta testers. So it will be a while before they make it into the final, public release.

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