Thursday, October 6, 2022

New Spotify Premium subscribers get three months of free

New users can try the Spotify Premium service for free for three months. Spotify gives new single users and students a three-month free trial, while new Spotify Duo and family accounts get a one-month free trial. Former Premium members aren’t eligible for the discount. But anyone who stopped using Spotify before July 15 can start using it again for just $9.99 for the first three months.

Users can take advantage of the most recent offer until September 11th. People who took advantage of the discount for the first three months will be charged the regular monthly rate after that. Just go to to sign up for Spotify Premium.

Even though Spotify has slowed down on hiring because of worries about the economy. This latest deal could help the company continue to grow in the number of people who use it. In the second quarter, the company added 188 million new members. Which is more than the 182 million new members in the first quarter. This made the total number of people using the platform go from 422 million to 433 million.

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Spotify has also been adding new features recently. Premium users can now access different play and shuffle options than free users. Also, the company has started rolling out a new user experience across all of its platforms that makes it easier to tell the difference between listening to music and listening to podcasts. There has been no news about when a HiFi version of Spotify will be out.

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