Saturday, January 28, 2023

TecBrix gets DevOps Pakistan for $1 Million

UAE-based TecBrix bought DevOps Pakistan of Karachi to get into the South Asian startup scene. The price is unknown but rumored to become approximately $1 million. An official from TecBrix said that the valuation was based on the company’s current clients and resources because it focuses on providing services.

Salman Siddique started DevOps Pakistan. He went to Bahria University and is now an ambassador for the DevOps Institute. Since 2018, the company has been putting up ads for DevOps Staff-Aug jobs. The company has put more than fifty technical experts all over the world.

When I told Salman about DevOps Pakistan for the first time. I was sure that it would be our way into the Pakistani market. We all agreed with the company’s goals. CEO Naveed Rehman of TecBrix has said that the company will be entering a market with a lot of potentials.

Naveed was born in Faisalabad, but he now lives in the United Arab Emirates, which is where TecBrix’s headquarters are. Before starting his own DevOps and Cloud services company, TecBrix, he worked for international computer companies for more than a decade.

The CEO of TecBrix said, “We know that the DevOps Pakistan community isn’t quite up and running yet, but we have big plans for it.” One of these is adding more people to the team since the platform already hires DevOps experts on a contract basis.

Naveed ended his speech by pleading with Pakistan’s tech sector to do its part to improve the country’s technology and give its young people, especially its tech workers, a safe future.

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Before the acquisition, TecBrix was planning to enter the Pakistan market with a network of DevOps professionals and aspiring professionals.

“I’m excited about the future of DevOps Pakistan,” Salman was quoted as saying. TecBrix plans to grow its business and help Pakistan’s growing DevOps and IT industries. I like seeing someone get what they want.

The deal was finalized in Karachi in July. On August 14, the new site for the community went live.

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