Thursday, October 6, 2022

Apple blocked the Telegram emoji update

Pavel Durov, the CEO of Telegram, said on Thursday that the software update has been waiting in the Apple review queue for two weeks, Durov says that Apple ordered the removal of an emoji-related feature.

Durov said on Friday that after “significant media coverage” of his earlier post, Apple insisted that the Telegram planned update be scaled back by getting rid of emoji. Telemoji could have been a great addition to Apple’s environment, giving new life to the otherwise static, low-resolution emoji that the company already offers.

In his latest upload, Durov uses a Telemoji in a short film (and I generated a GIF). I think telemoji is funny to look at. I really like how they give expression to otherwise lifeless emoji faces. Apple didn’t like that Telegram was messing with their designs, so it asked the company to take Telemoji out of the update. Both Apple and Telegram skipped the question and answer time.

The emoji on Apple devices would be much better if they moved. Pictures of Pavel Durov in the GIF format
In addition to these improvements, there are more. Only Telegram Premium users can make and use their own custom emoji in group conversations. At first, Telegram users can choose from 10 different packs that include more than 500 emojis. Messages sent and received by free users can have moving emojis.

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Telegram’s iOS sticker panel now separates stickers, GIFs, and emojis. In a blog post, Telegram explains all the recent changes.

There will soon be improvements. Durov said that Telegram will add user-made emoji reactions in “a few weeks.” In my perspective, the more emoji options there are, the better.

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