Thursday, October 6, 2022

Hackers selling sensitive AKD Securities data on the dark web

Reports say that hackers broke into the computer systems of the brokerage firm AKD Securities data Limited and then sold the company’s customer records on underground markets.

Onboarding information is getting for 1,000 Account Holders. According to what happened, the hacker got access to personal information like full names, phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, bank account information, passwords, marital status, and more.

Some of the many possibilities with this information are tracking a person’s location, cyberattacks, ID theft, phishing, and trying to get money from someone.

This reporter got in touch with Farid Alam, the head of AKD Securities, to find out what the company thought.

AKDSL’s financial and trade encryption and process┬álocally behind a firewall. This meant that NONE of the customers’ business or financial information is still at risk. Reports say that the hacker got into private information without permission.

A cyber security expert says that sometimes data isn’t available because of a hack. But it can be scraped off a website using APIs that leak data. You may remember this happening at FBR, K-electric, Amazon, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as well as at some of your local banks.

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The expert said that the AKD hack is a problem for both security and privacy. APIs need to stop people from sharing information that isn’t necessary. That could be true. He also said that hackers sometimes use data from other sources. Like the telco data they recently sold on the dark web.

All brokerages and investment firms, including AKD Securities and data, rely heavily on cyber security. As a result, routine technical audits are necessary for identifying and fixing any issues that may arise.

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