Saturday, January 28, 2023

New WhatsApp feature empowers group chat admins

The New WhatsApp feature goes live, and the people in charge of a group will be able to choose the members of the group from those who have asked to join. Users can’t use the invitation link to join the group unless the administrator of the group has given them permission to do so.

A beta tracker for WhatsApp, WABetaInfo, found the new group membership approval feature in beta version of WhatsApp. In the group’s settings, administrators can choose to turn on this feature. When the “admin approval” mode is on, everyone in the group is always aware.

Once this feature is on, the administrator is always aware whenever a new member shows interest in joining the group, as long as the administrator has enabled such notifications. WABetaInfo says that the button to approve requests is still right next to a list of requests that need to approve.

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Since only the group’s administrator can let people join. This feature will help keep the group’s members honest and protect the privacy of the user.

In the current version, anyone with the group link can join the group. If the link got into the wrong hands, it could be a problem for privacy. If the administrator still has questions about who is in the group, they can now check who is in it. The updated version is being made right now, and customers will be able to use it soon.

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