Friday, February 3, 2023

Zong 4G honors national anthem composer A.G. Chagla

The largest mobile network in Pakistan, Zong 4G, has started a campaign called “The Notes of Chagla” to celebrate Independence Day.

The man who wrote the national anthem, A.G. No business has ever honored┬áChagla. As part of Zong 4G’s celebration of 75 years of Azaadi, So a young boy or girl finds inspiration in the national anthem.

In this short film, we meet a young man who is writing his thesis in musicology. His mom has been telling him to learn about the history and also the culture of Pakistan.

The young man wants to find the perfect track. A.G. Khan says Pak Sarzameen. Chagla in 1949, which is a year later than Chagla, which the National Anthem Committee has already said (NAC).

In the movie “Celebrating 75 Years of Azadi:

In the Notes of Chagla,” one of the main characters is given the power to use technology to tell the stories of both big and small “Unsung National Heroes.”

All of Zong 4G’s social media accounts share a video with Shehryar Munawar and also Simi Raheal in it.

We want to make Pakistan better and also remember its heroes. Profiles of real-life heroes who care deeply about their country inspire millions and millions of people to help build a Digital Pakistan. According to what the Zong rep.

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The 75th Independence Day ad campaign from Zong is all about the digital future of the country. The company’s slogan, “Let’s Get Digital,” shows how it plans to use the internet to build support for positive change in Pakistan. It also asks every citizen to do what they can to help the country move forward.

What a great way to show respect for the national anthem!

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