Monday, October 3, 2022

Cable fault affects national internet

ISLAMABAD: The underwater cable fault affecting the national internet system (SEAMEWE-5). Which goes from Singapore to France and also Italy, and is first destroyed on Thursday evening. This cut-off service for millions of subscribers, most of whom are in Karachi.

Transworld Home, the company that runs the internet cable, said in a statement that a “fiber fault in terrestrial network” becomes to blame for the outage, which affected customers all over the country.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications is saying that the problem started with one of the country’s three undersea cable operators, Transworld Associates.

The break in the cable system near Egypt, where the Suez Canal meets the Mediterranean Sea. Caused problems not only in Egypt but also in other countries.

A senior official from Transworld Associates said that most of the cable is first laid underwater so it wouldn’t get in the way of ships going through the Suez Canal. But about 480 kilometers of the line became laid on land in Egypt.

The official went on to say that repairs on land are indeed easier to do than inspection and maintenance work done underwater.

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In 2016, the South East Asia-Middle East-Western Europe 5 (SEAMEWE-5) underwater cable system is always fully operational. It is nearly 20,000 kilometers long. It goes from Marseille, France, also all the way to Singapore.

Four undersea internet cable systems are run by Pakistan TelecomĀ­muĀ­nication Business Limited, two are run by Transworld Associates. And a Chinese company just come up with a seventh cable system, which is now online. This makes a total of seven systems that connect to Pakistan.

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