Tuesday, October 4, 2022

PTCL, Nokia Test 1-Terabit Live Optical Network

Nokia and PTCL became able to test 1-Terabit transmission over a single optical fiber strand (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited).

For the test, the PTCL Metro Transport Network is first upgraded to 32-Gbit per fiber and 1-Terabit channels. Nokia’s Photonic Service Engine Transport Technology speed up the network and also gave users greater capacity.

This change to the test will make it possible to come up with new ideas and give businesses and people new chances.

This expansion is part of PTCL’s plan to upgrade its network to support 4K video streaming. Industrial automation, smart cities, and e-learning platforms, all of which need high data rates and low latency.

With a speed of 1 Terabit/s, you can make 300,000 HD video zoom calls at once. Download an episode of “Game of Thrones” in less than 2 seconds.

The Chief Technology Officer of PTCL Group, Jafar Khalid, said, “We are committed to digitizing our customer experience.” With this in mind, we looked into increasing the capacity of our optical transport network to 1 Terabit per channel to prepare for future growth.

He went on to say, “Nokia’s current technology and expertise let us test 1-Terabit bandwidths”. Which would help customers have a better experience and also make it easier for networks to grow in Pakistan in the future.

Imran Durrani, who is in charge of the Nokia customer team for PTCL Group, says that this Terabit test will improve Nokia’s long-term relationship with PTCL Group. Our top optical solutions, like the Photonic Service Switch and Photonic Service Engine. Help PTCL expand its network capacity quickly and efficiently.

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He said, “PTCL can update and improve its optical network with our innovative Flexgrid architecture.”

PTCL is always working to improve service quality, network speed, and infrastructure architecture in order to boost productivity.

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