Thursday, October 6, 2022

Users can now delete texts for days with new Whatsapp features

Some of the new features in the most recent version of WhatsApp are meant to help users who have social anxiety. The popular messaging app recently announced that users will soon be able to end group conversations in silence. And have a 60-hour “unsend” option to delete texts.

You can now prevent people from taking screenshots of your “view-once” messages. And hide your “online presence” from contacts by using the app’s new “online presence control.”

Even though WhatsApp isn’t the most popular messaging app in the United States. It has more than two billion monthly users, making it the clear leader in the global market. Already in 2017, WhatsApp users had only seven minutes to take back a message. The service eventually raised that limit to an eerily exact hour and eight minutes before settling on the current 60-hour limit. With this new, changeable feature, users can decide which of their contacts can see when they are online.

It’s not clear if the new features will get people to come back to WhatsApp. The app lost many users last year when it changed its privacy settings to allow more data sharing with its parent company, Meta. Even though the uproar forced the company to extend the deadline for opting into the new policy.

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Many users still stopped using WhatsApp in favor of Signal and Telegram. Two competing messaging apps that put user privacy first. But the European Commission’s formal investigation into consumer protection issues related to WhatsApp will continue whether or not some users decide to give it another try.

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