Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Trainers showed TikTok moderators child sexual abuse videos

A recent article talks about the rules that TikTok moderators have to follow. It reveals some troubling facts. According to reports, the massive social media network has trained its censors by exposing them to horrible content. Such as films depicting the sexual assault of minors.

When it comes to the videos on the TikTok app, third-party moderators (moderation companies) called Teleperformance collaborate with TikTok. Other companies to ensure that all users have a safe and pleasurable experience. Employees of the company say that they have to review a document “Daily Necessary Reading” (CRR), which allegedly can have information that went against TikTok’s values and principles. There were various photographs displaying youngsters in a sexually explicit manner.

According to these sources, hundreds of TikTok users had access to this video. Teleperformance personnel were able to view it at work and at home. This significantly raised the likelihood of an extensive leak. TikTok asserts that its training methods include “tight access limits,” but Teleperformance denies displaying any underage pornographic videos to its employees. This is true for certain third-party moderators, but neither company has made this assertion.

Given that child pornography is illegal in the United States, the staff tells an entirely different story. Which could result in legal action against the firm. One employee said that, as required by law, the company had filed a complaint with the FBI, although it is uncertain whether any action was done as a result.

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The lawsuit against TikTok argues that the business provided employees with graphic content to tag on the app as examples while failing to impose sufficient limitations on access to the information in question.

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