Saturday, January 28, 2023

You can finally zoom in on YouTube videos

Sometimes you just want to zoom in on YouTube videos you saw online to get a better look. YouTube is the biggest place to share videos online, so it’s disappointing that it doesn’t have zoom. This is especially true when compared to apps like Telegram, which already have this feature.

Before, you could only use the new features on YouTube’s “experimental features” page, but now the wait is over. Some YouTube Premium subscribers can now pinch and zoom in on a video to look at it more closely.

It seems to only work on the Android version of the YouTube app, and it’s not clear if YouTube Premium subscribers will be the only ones who can use it. You can get to it through the “Your Premium Perks” section of your profile settings. See a GIF below.
You have until September 1 to try pinch-to-zoom. After that, we should know when it is out unless something goes wrong. We’re waiting for YouTube to tell us if it will only be available to people who pay for YouTube Premium.

Content with Copyright

Also, YouTube is making it easier for people who make videos to make money from them. You should soon be able to use copyrighted information in your films through the app. This will keep you from getting sued and let you keep making money from your videos.

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Since copyright claims have been a problem on the network for a long time, many users should really like this new feature. Even if only a small part of a video’s content is at issue in a copyright dispute, the person who made the video could lose all of its earnings until an update fixes the problem.

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