Thursday, October 6, 2022

Brad Pitt won’t work with these four stars again

Oscar winner Brad Pitt won’t cooperate with some celebs. Aaron Taylor-Johnson from “Bullet Train” told

Aaron said about Brad, “He just wants to spread light and love and be with happy people.” After a while, you start noting which actors you won’t work with again. Brad’s lists are “excellent” and “crap.”

Brad loves Bullet Train’s Sandra. Brad appeared in Sandra’s film “The Lost City.”

Sandy’s a friend. She’s someone I’ve called on many times for favors, and she’s always there. Brad said she was a terrific person to have in his ear in an intimate circumstance.

The listed Brad’s hated actors: Brad disputed claims he and Harrison got along well on “The Devil’s Own.”

“He’s cool,” Pitt said in 1997. ‘It was difficult. It was my toughest film. Not true regarding out-of-control egos and people cowering in trailers. Everyone tried to make the best movie they could, Brad told Rolling Stone.

“Allied” starred Marion and Brad. They denied having an affair on set. According to reports, their chemistry led to their breakup.

“I don’t take things personally that don’t affect me. French actress Marion stated she didn’t take the claims personally because she had nothing to do with them.

Tom and Brad had a rocky relationship in 1994’s “Interview with the Vampire.”

“Tom and I are…” Different ways. He’s Arctic. Southern. Pitt imitated a forceful handshake, saying, “I may bump into you, I may not.” report Brad.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith starred Brad and Angelina in 2005. By The Sea followed 10 years later.

“As a pair, we have a look-code. Brad noted in 2001, “I knew quickly whether a take stunk.
Brad and Angelina are divorcing.

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