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Pakistan’s top IT Companies

Since 2000, the IT business has grown. It employs millions of people worldwide and boosts economies. Everything has gone digital: businesses, entertainment, education. IT has transformed life and business. It’s impacted society and the economy.

Pakistan has embraced digitization. Its IT sector is one of the fastest-growing, contributing 1% to GDP and predicted to treble in 3-4 years. Pakistan’s IT exports reached $1.80 billion in 2021, according to the ministry. The country ranks fourth in freelancing and has over 2000 IT enterprises.

1. NETSOL Technologies
NETSOL Technologies is the pioneer in asset finance and leasing IT solutions. Their products help auto, equipment, and big-ticket loan companies manage retail and wholesale business. They help companies improve finance and leasing.

Najeebullah Ghauri founded NETSOL in 1997. It has offices in California, London, Sydney, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Jakarta, and Lahore. Pakistani workers dominate the company. NASDAQ and PSE listed NETSOL in 1999.

The company has won various honors, including excellence for largest export in Pakistan in 2004, Teradata National IT excellence award, and IT pioneer of the year.

2. Arpatech
Arpatech was founded in 2003 and has 250 workers. The organization also has offices in the USA, UK, and UAE.

Arpatch delivers website, App, E-Commerce shop, digital marketing, managed cloud hosting, and business intelligence services. The company helps local startups.

Arpatech’s competent and experienced crew has provided great projects for years. J. Junaid Jamshed, UMSHA, Daraz, Forum, etc. are customers.

3. TRG Pakistan

TRG Pakistan is a renowned BPO provider. Zia Chishti founded the company in 2002; it has 300 employees in Karachi. Pakistan’s TRG IT is publicly traded.

Washington-based TRG International owns the company.

TRG invests and acquires in BPO. It has a solid portfolio and has bought 24 companies in a decade. Ibex, one of TRG International’s BPO companies with a 64.2% share, earns 86% of income. The company employs around 22,000 employees in 7 countries.

4. Systems Limited

Systems Limited, founded in 1977, provides software solutions, consulting services, data management & analytics, and BPO services to private and government enterprises. They serve retail, CPG, finance, and telecom.

2019’s finest IT exporter is this company. It won 2020’s Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion. In the same year, the company earned Rs. 2.1 billion.

Systems Limited has 3500 employees across Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Dubai, and Doha.

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