Saturday, January 28, 2023

Samsung Launches Repair Kits to Fix Your Phone

Through a program by Samsung and iFixit, people who own Samsung smartphones (Kits) will soon be able to buy new parts for their phones. There are also the Tab S7 Plus and the Galaxy S20 and S21 lines.

Parts of the Toolkit for Maintenance

The company first said that the self-repair program would start in March, and it finally started this month. There are repair kits for the screen, battery, charging port, and back glass of these three models. The batteries don’t come on their own.

On the iFixit Galaxy website, there is a lot of information about how to fix a broken phone. First, choose your phone kind. With the exception of a few specific parts for each product, all of the repair kits have the same basic tools. It comes with an iFixit Opening tool, a bit driver, tweezers, and a suction handle.

One cool thing about these kits is that they come with a prepaid return label to make it easier to recycle or properly dispose of the old parts of Samsung mobiles. Lithium-ion batteries are dangerous because they can explode if they are thrown away the wrong way. iFixit has tips on how to safely throw away these batteries.

Easy to fix for first-timers

The user guide makes it easier than ever to fix your Samsung device. This guide is helpful because making the repair can be hard at first. Even iFixit said it could take a while to fix the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s screen and batteries. So, following the steps above will help you fully understand what’s going on.

The organization also gives people other options. If you can’t fix your equipment on your own, you can send it to a service that fixes things. Visit Samsung’s store locator if you need to take your Samsung device to a certified service center. Make sure it’s in Repair Mode before you bring it in.

How much the maintenance Samsung kits cost

The kits for the S20 and S21 series are almost the same price. If you don’t have the basic S21 model, you’ll have to pay $66.99 for the charging port and $76.99 for the glass kit. The cost of the display assembly can vary from model to model, just like the cost of the battery pack. The repair kit for the S21 Ultra costs $239.99, while the basic model costs $167.99.

The Galaxy Tab S7 Plus costs more than other smartphones that do similar things. The charging port cost $64.98 and the battery and black glass unit cost $86.99. The showcase package costs $226.99 at retail.

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At this time, only certain devices can be fixed. The announcement didn’t say when the repair kits for other models would be out. We have to wait until the date is made public.

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