Saturday, February 4, 2023

Google just hired this 24-year-old Pakistani girl

A Google recruiter discovered Pakistani-born girl Data Engineer Shafiqa Iqbal’s résumé on LinkedIn, and she became hired on the spot. Pakistani girl and Google is making headquarters in Warsaw, Poland, where she just graduated, proud. She works for the company right now.

Shafiqa Iqbal Shafiqa got a degree in data engineering from Punjab University and has since worked in the field in Lahore. Even though she worked as a data engineer full-time. She still found time to help open source projects by writing blogs about her field.

Iqbal is currently Pakistan’s Global Ambassador for Women in Technology. She is a top seller on Upwork. Some people have called her the “Wonder Woman of Pakistan” because of this. The data engineer has worked on a wide range of projects. Such as backend development, database migrations and development, ETL pipelines, cloud solutions, and logical programming.

Shafiqa is working for about 2.5 years when Google contacted her through LinkedIn to say they are looking in hiring her. After putting her through a lot of tough interviews, the search engine giant hired her to work in its Warsaw, Poland, office.

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During her interview with Google, she couldn’t use the internet because of technical problems. At this point, she stopped talking to the interviewer and walked out of the room. This became good that the interviewer didn’t seem bothered by the situation. Instead, he or she kept saying that Iqbal’s skills shouldn’t be taken for granted and that she would make a great Google employee.

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