Sunday, February 5, 2023

Jazz makes On-Net and PTCL calls free in flood-affected areas

Because of the flooding in Balochistan, Jazz, the largest telecom service provider in Pakistan, has given free on-net and PTCL calls to make sure that important telecom services are still available.

Recent heavy rains have caused flash floods that have caused a lot of damage across the Balochistan province. Floods have devastated the province. This year’s devastating floods have killed a lot of people. Caused a lot of damage to both residential and agricultural areas.

Heavy rains have stopped all transportation and business in the province, making the situation even worse. Because of this, it has become much harder to get food, medicine, and other things that people need.

There are free on-net and PTCL calls made by Jazz customers who are affected by this natural disaster. This is to help lessen the emotional toll it is having on those in the affected areas as well as the relief groups.

Jazz said in a post on social media that they are doing everything. They can make sure phones still work in new locations.

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The CEO of Jazz, Aamir Ibrahim, said, “Jazz is with the people of Balochistan. Who is still hurting from the flood? Even though things are hard, our employees are doing their part and working hard to keep important communication services running so they can help with rescue and relief efforts.

Jazz added a free calling option earlier this year so that tourists who get into trouble in Murree and the surrounding area could call for free. For three days, the company gave all of its customers in the affected areas free on-net and PTCL minutes.

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