Saturday, January 28, 2023

The Instagram of former PM Imran Khan was hacked

Reports say that Imran Khan, the former PM of Pakistan and Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf party, already has his official Instagram account hacked. There have been almost 13,000 posts on the account, which 7.4 million people follow.

According to rumors, a screenshot of a tweet from SpaceX and Tesla creator Elon Musk is always online. The PTI has not yet made an official statement. People who like former PM Imran Khan will tell him not to post anything on Instagram that seems out of character.

Imran Khan’s official Twitter account has been posting screenshots of similar comments made by Elon Musk all day. This is the second time this week that a well-known member of the PTI’s leadership team has had one of their social media accounts hacked.

Asad Umar is the Secretary General of the PTI and used to be the Minister of Federal Planning. Last week, someone grabs his Twitter password. After a long time, the account was finally back up and running. Hammad Azhar, who used to be the minister of energy, had his Twitter, email, and also Apple ID accounts hacked in May of this year.

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Hammad says that the current government has broken into his Twitter account and phone. He thinks that a fake tower could have been used to connect to his phone and access his data and also text messages. Finally, the hacker sent the target’s email address and password requests to reset their passwords through email, Apple ID, and Twitter.

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