Saturday, February 4, 2023

First Urdu car-tracking app in Pakistan

Falcon-i, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) startup, is giving Pakistan its first-ever Urdu car-tracking app for fleet management and other logistics services. This app, an expert in this field, is available to help you. Falcon-i tracking limited has many apps in the Google Play Store. But this is the first and only car-tracking app that supports Urdu. It’s unique software.

Its creators say that Falcon-i, which is the company’s third and most recent product will make English much easier for people who have trouble with it. With this software, you can keep track of where all of your vehicles are at once. Large fleet owners who don’t want to spend any money on managing their vehicles will like this solution.

Not only does it keep track of where your car is. But it can also tell you how fast it is going. Additionally, there are alerts for other critical events, such as oil changes or the need for a mechanic to maintain the vehicle. As a bonus, you’ll have access to a full history of your trips. Including the dates and times, they started and ended, as well as the total distance they covered.

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My biometric authentication function is on, so you no longer need to remember your username and password. During the authentication process, you may be identified by scanning your fingerprints or your face, depending on the device you are using. Face recognition could be another option. Both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store let you download the app.

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