Saturday, February 4, 2023

TikTok will soon add games

TikTok is always looking for new ways to attract new users and keep the ones it already has happy, Playing games on TikTok can become available soon. People also think that minigames released with HTML 5 could keep people busy while they watch videos on social media sites.

In response to the news, a representative from TikTok said the following:

We’re always looking for ways to improve our platform. And we regularly test out new features and integrations to see how they affect our users. At the moment, we’re looking into the possibility of working with independent game designers and development companies to add HTML5 games to TikTok.

The comment says that TikTok has already made deals with independent game designers. Studios to add minigames to the platform as integrations. Users will be able to play these games inside the app. Learn more about them by watching a film made by the developer.

Vodoo, Lotem, FRVR, Nitro Games, and Aim Lab are now helping TikTok place its platform.

Since the beginning of the year, rumors have been going around about TikTok’s HTML5 minigames. Disco Loco 3D is a new smartphone game from Zynga and TikTok that is now available on the TikTok video-sharing platform. Another popular Zynga game, High Heels, is a lot like this one. As of now, TikTok has teamed up with a lot of new developers and studios. Plans to add even more are still being talked about.

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Once the feature is up and running, it’s clear that TikTok will have a big advantage over its rivals.

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