Saturday, January 28, 2023

Status feature test brings Twitter full circle

Some people on Twitter can now choose to add a Status feature to their tweets. Twitter users have already shared screenshots of the feature in action. A business official told TechCrunch that the limited test would happen.

Twitter is testing a new feature that lets you add a status topic from a list to your Tweets. This will give your followers more information about what you’re talking about. There are many ways to express yourself on Twitter, from starting a “sizzling” thread to posting what you’re thinking in the bathroom.

From screenshots, it looks like many of these statuses are simply means for use as titles or emoticons at the beginning of tweets or Twitter threads. When you type “A thread,” you’ll see an emoji that looks like a Spool of Thread, the words “Spoiler alert,” and an audio recording device. By putting this information in their status updates, Twitter users can save space.

Jane Manchun Wong found what she was looking for in Twitter’s source code. For the time become, you can only associate Twitter Tweets with Statuses, not profiles, and as is the case previously. If you click on a status, you can see a list of tweets about the same subject.

It makes sense if the new feature makes you think of LiveJournal or AIM statuses. More interesting than the feature itself is how it came to be on Twitter. In a blog post from more than a decade ago. Twitter’s founder, Biz Stone, said that Twitter was originally meant to be a “mobile status update service.” The year was 2009, and Stone thought that Twitter had become more than just a way to talk to people. This trend won’t change, but Twitter’s new Status feature will take it back to its roots.

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No one knows whether or when Status is really easier to use. Twitter is also working on mixed-media tweets and a downvote button, in addition to the new downvote button and tweet awards.

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