Saturday, February 4, 2023

Flooding and Torrential Rains Disrupt PTCL & Ufone Networks in the Southern Region Quickly

Due to heavy rains and flooding in parts of Balochistan and Sindh, PTCL and Ufone became able to quickly repair their networks in a record amount of time besides quickly sending their ground resources.

This is harder to get back online quickly because the torrential rains did a lot of damage to the roads and bridges in the area. However, the PTCL and Ufone field crews became able to keep their customers connected throughout the storm.

One of the strongest monsoons in recent memory flooded many cities in Sindh. Including Karachi and the coastal region of Balochistan. As a result of the damage to the city’s infrastructure, progress was initially slow. PTCL has set up Optical Fiber cables along roads and bridges, but some of them are now taking things.

Even in the Northern and Central Zones, exchanges and network nodes became filled up, causing network outages and service disruptions. In the Makran division of Baluchistan, there are no roads, power lines, or the PTCL OFC network. As a result, it became very hard for the PTCL and Ufone networks field staff to keep their promise to keep connections running smoothly for their customers.

And now there is a problem with an optical fiber cable, the national carrier. Which is the backbone of the country’s connectivity. Chose to act right away by putting teams in the affected area and working around it to fix the cable.

Even though the weather was bad, the terrain became hard, and the job became huge. The crews kept working nonstop to give the best service possible to their customers. It’ll take a while, but the corporation is employing portable generators in areas like South and North America to get power back on the grid there.

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In the Makran Division of Balochistan and Sindh. Field teams set high standards for days to restore connections to Turbat, Ormara, Pasni, and Gawadar. PTCL Group’s quick and effective response to the big problem shows how efficient, strong, and ready it is to always keep connections running smoothly.

Even in the middle of a huge disaster. The network was fixed thanks to the hard work and dedication of the people on the ground. Their actions made it possible for emergency and relief efforts to go on without stopping. And for daily life and business operations to go on as usual.

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