Saturday, January 28, 2023

Bookme Tickets Discount to Serve Pakistani Students and Alumni

Students in Pakistan are always able to save money on bus tickets, hotel reservations, movie tickets, and also more for the first time, thanks to Bookme the first discount app for students.

This measure will aid Pakistan’s rising student and graduate population. Bookme wants to connect with all of the country’s major colleges and universities so it can help students with more tickets discount. A successful software startup solves an issue for end-users. A solution benefits all sides.

Students are always able to take advantage of unbeatable prices. Educational institutions and also chains across Pakistan will be able to offer their own brand-name apps. Customers who could not be reached before by Bookme sellers, transit operators, and everyone else.

Bookme has partnered with Beaconhouse Group. One of the best private education systems in the world, to help alumni save money on travel. Members of the Beaconhouse Old Student Society (BOSS) will get discounts on buses, airplanes, movies, events, gaming, auto rental, freight, tours, and more.

Ali Khan, COO of Beaconhouse, and Omar Shahid, CCO of Bookme, just signed an agreement to that effect. It’s rare for a company to come out of a recession as the leader in innovation, customer service, and growth.

The Beaconhouse Group’s goal of giving Pakistan’s youth more power and promoting digitalization fits perfectly with Bookme’s goal of doing the same. According to our sources, Bookme will get more schools and organizations in the coming weeks and months.

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When Bookme raised $7.4M in 2013, it sped up its growth. Because of this, Bookme has made strategic alliances with industry leaders to better serve travelers, sports fans, and tourists alike.

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