Saturday, January 28, 2023

The Ministry of IT will create a new policy on AI

The Ministry of Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunications (MoITT) has chosen to write a policy on artificial intelligence (AI).

People with first-hand knowledge of the matter say that they have kept asking around for expert opinions on IT AI policy. After AI experts say what they think, a first draft of the policy changes depending on what they say.

MoITT officials said that the goal of adopting a strategy on artificial intelligence is to invest in the development and adoption of this sector. Make sure that it will have a positive effect on both society and the economy. Through the implementation of this policy, the government also hopes to give businesses. The money they need to invest in the AI industry.

Because AI is getting better, young youth are more likely to take courses. Big Data, Machine Learning, Robotics, and other similar subjects. Sources say that this will result in the creation of policies and procedures that will make it easier for educational institutions to follow the above path.

AI experts are optimistic about the govt plans for the future and sure they are going in the right direction. Artificial intelligence is becoming important in every field, which is why the world is moving so quickly in that direction. Even the Government is making a plan to improve artificial intelligence and the ways it can use, just like Canada, China, the US, and Japan.

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Experts say that AI uses in a number of fields in Pakistan, such as the Safe City cameras that issue e-challans for cars. As companies start to use automation technologies, this industry is growing by 60% over the next few years.

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