Sunday, February 5, 2023

Intel will make smartphone chips with MediaTek

Since it makes its own smartphone chips, Intel is a major player in the PC and laptop industry. MediaTek (Intel) is a Taiwanese company famous for making smartphone chips for use in low-end, mid-range, and also high-end phones. Today, Intel and MediaTek announced that they will work together.

MediaTek, a new foundry partner with a lot of space in the U.S. and Europe, is Intel’s first customer. Intel Foundry Services can help MediaTek create a more stable and stable supply chain, so the two companies decided to work together.

The corporation will use Intel Processing Technologies to make chips for a wide range of smart edge devices it makes. The terms of the deal are not yet out in the open.

According to Intel Foundry Services President Randhir Thakur

MediaTek is a great partner for Intel Foundry Services (IFS) as we start our next phase of growth as one of the world’s leading fabless chip designers. Powering more than 2 billion devices every year. To help MediaTek make the next billion connected devices for a wide range of uses. We’ve put together the perfect mix of advanced process technology and also capacity in different parts of the world.

NS Tai, the Vice President of Platform Technology and Manufacturing Operations at MediaTek, said in an interview;

MediaTek has been using multiple suppliers for a long time. So we can now make smart edge devices for our 5G data card business with Intel Foundry Services. As MediaTek works to diversify our supply chain, we benefit from IFS’s plans to add a lot more capacity. As the number of people who want our products grows around the world. We hope to work with you for a long time.

Intel Foundry Services is in the western hemisphere, which gives it an advantage over other big-name chip foundries that are in Taiwan or China. This is because Taiwan’s chip production will be slowed down if it has trouble getting parts or if COVID-19 causes lockdowns. This is one reason why having sources in different places helps make sure there is always enough.

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Intel wants to help businesses in the US and also Europe by adding more products to their line. In the United States, the facilities that are already there will be improved, and in Ohio and Germany, new ones will be built.

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