Sunday, February 5, 2023

In June 2022, Pakistan had a faster Internet than India

In June of 2022, Pakistan is able to provide a faster Internet connection than India. With a free tool called Ookla, you can find out how fast your internet is in different parts of the world. Both in terms of download and upload speeds. Speedtest is the company’s most popular internet speed test website.

Ookla just released their most recent Speedtest Global Index for June 2022. This index shows how the Internet is faster in Pakistan. Based on a benchmark of June’s mobile internet speeds, our country is now faster than India. When it comes to mobile internet, Pakistan has an average upload speed of 9.38 megabits per second. And an average download speed of 14.64 megabits per second.

With an average of 14.00 Mbps, Pakistan currently ranks 116th in the world. While India is still at the bottom of the list. Download speeds in India were much slower than in Pakistan. In India, the upload speed was only 3.63 Mbps, which was a lot slower than the global average. Pakistan’s ranking went up because it came in ahead of countries like Afghanistan and Bangladesh despite having a much lower score than ours.

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Pakistan has fallen three spots in the rankings in the last month, and its set broadband speeds have also slowed down quite a bit. The speed of fixed broadband connections has slowed down, which has led to this announcement. Pakistan became currently ranks 150th on the list of countries because its average download speed for set broadband internet is so 9.82 megabits per second. Pakistan is the world’s 150th fastest ISP. Since India had an average download speed of 48.11 Mbps. It was able to get a much higher ranking than other countries.

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