Sunday, February 5, 2023

Play more games with Telenor Pakistan and PUBGM

Telenor Pakistan and PUBG MOBILE (PUBGM) have joined forces so that players in Pakistan can use their mobile balance to buy playtime bundles and in-game money. Pakistani gamers can get a month of PUBGM for only PKR 60 by dialing the code 34557#. Nobody in the country has ever worked together like this before. This discount is for people who use the My Telenor app.

Fans of PUBGM all over the country can now get in-game cash (UC) and the Royal Pass (RP) through a mobile subscription from Telenor Pakistan. There are already packages of games, so this is something new. Telenor Pakistan wants to get young people in Pakistan back into gaming by getting them to think of new ways to play. This is also another way that Telenor Pakistan is leading the way in its area.

Users can buy UCs and Royal Passes for use in the game by using their Telenor mobile balance or the Gamebird website. When the two companies work together, gamers all over the country will be able to get a cheap data bundle that will let them play games without interruptions.

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Pakistan has an estimated 51 million gamers, and eSports are becoming more and more popular among the country’s younger people. Because there is so much demand, Telenor Pakistan spends a lot of time and money building. Growing the gaming community in Pakistan by introducing new ideas and making new partnerships. By releasing Gamebird, Telenor Pakistan hopes to bring more people into the world of esports. Which is still very new in Pakistan.

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