Saturday, February 4, 2023

PTCL is automating its Helpline Complaints System

PTCL helpline system can take a long time to respond, and it’s frustrating when your complaints don’t seem to get anywhere. With the help of PTCL, it’s now easy to solve any technical problems you’re having with their services.

Automatic troubleshooting is a way to find and fix problems.

The PTCL has automated its complaints helpline system so that it can automatically find problems with your connections. When you call the hotline to report a problem with your PTCL landline. It checks for billing problems, disconnections, no dial tone, and other problems right away.

When a problem exists, a solution is possible right away. If no plan is in place, the helpline will ask if the problem is with the landline, the Internet, or the Smart TV. Broadband and Smart TV record and send a complaint confirmation to the user based on the line characteristics. Besides using the same kind of status check, problems are problems on their own.

No longer do you have to talk to an operator. This is good because they aren’t always available and can’t always solve your problem. There is a downside, though. Still, it takes a lot of time to get the job going because you have to listen to “elevator music,” “long and slow pleasantries,” and “button presses” over and over again.

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In the end, nothing has changed about how a phone call is made. You can still choose English or Urdu, and all you have to do is follow what the artificial speech bot tells you.

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