Saturday, February 4, 2023

Pakistan Gets Google Earthquakes Alert System

Google added an alert system for earthquakes to Android devices last year. At first, this feature was only available in places that had a lot of earthquakes. But it has now made it to Pakistan.

As the name suggests, this Google alert system lets people know about earthquakes in their area just before they happen. Using the accelerometer on your phone, you can send out a warning through either a Google search or a phone notification.

It will also give people tips on what to do if there is an earthquake. As you can see in the picture below, it can warn you just in time to duck and find cover.

In a press release, the search engine giant says that:

The system gives Google Search information almost right away. “Earthquake near me,” for example, will bring up relevant results and information about what to do in case of an earthquake. Users can turn off these notifications in their device settings if they don’t want to get them.

Based on how big the earthquake is, the alarm system sends out two different types of warnings. MMI 4.5 or fewer quakes should elicit “Watch Aware” alerts. When an earthquake happens, you’ll get a message telling you where the epicenter is and how far it is from you.

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“Take Action” signals only go off when there is an earthquake of magnitude 5 or higher. In the case of a strong shake or tremor, users will get a full-screen alert and an audible alarm on their phones.

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