Saturday, January 28, 2023

Telenor Pakistan Announces 2nd Quarter 2022 Results

The unstable macroeconomic climate and changing exchange rate in Pakistan hurt Telenor Pakistan’s performance in the 2nd quarter of its fiscal year in 2022.

Still, Telenor Pakistan made PKR 26.7 billion in 2nd quarter sales. Which is a PKR 104 million increase from the same time last year. The company’s financial results show that its subscription and traffic (S&T) revenues grew by 1.8%, its service revenues by 1.7%, and its overall revenues by 0.4%. In the second quarter of 2022, the EBITDA margin was 47.3 percent and EBITDA growth was 14.9%.

During the quarter, the network added 289,000 new customers, bringing the total number of subscribers to 49.5 million.

EBITDA went up year over year because fuel and energy costs went up and mobile termination rates went down. The falling value of the rupee, rising prices, and a weak economy as a whole all had an effect on these results (inflation in June was 21.3 percent ).

“The last quarter was hard for the country, especially for the telecom industry. Which affects everyone and depends a lot on the country’s economy”. CEO of Telenor Pakistan Irfan Wahab Khan stated. when talking about the company’s latest financial results.

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But despite all of these problems, we made it a point to do what we were supposed to do. And give people access to options that were easy to use. That “our commitment to serve Pakistanis in these challenging times and build our subscriber base shows how close Telenor Pakistan is to the people. How much Telenor Pakistan values its people” they trust it as a partner.” He then went on to say

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