Sunday, February 5, 2023

Pakistan has 15 percent of the population without mobile and telecom services

The USF spent Rs. 93 billion in 2006-07, but 15 percent population have no mobile and telecom services. Official sources say that Balochistan and also the old FATA don’t have basic phone and mobile broadband services.

The fund first hit the headlines to bring cell, broadband internet, fiber optics, and also other communication services to places that didn’t possess them. All telecoms add up to 1.5 percent of income. Before USF, coverage was at 44 percent. USF spent Rs. 92.797 billion to bring telecom to areas that didn’t have it.

Despite USF’s expansion, many sectors continue to go ignored. USF faces problems like rough terrain, few people, bad weather, little electricity, no backhaul, bad logistics, and also getting the security clearance. The government helps pay for telecom operators’ projects in areas that need more service.

PTCL got 28 percent of the total Rs. 92.797 billion in subsidies, Ufone got 23.90 percent, Telenor got 24.73, Zong got 6.07, Wateen got 5.22, World Call got 1.37, Jazz got 5.21, and Nayatel got 3.31 billion (3.57 percent).

The goal of USF’s “Broadband for Sustainable Development” program is to help Mauzas who aren’t able to before. After 3G/4G licenses were given out, this program needed broadband internet access.

Solar-powered cell towers are new. 1,699 BTS cover 12,825 Mauzas

The goal of the optic fiber program is to improve communication services in rural areas that don’t have them or don’t have enough of them. The goal is to offer cheap voice, telephone, and also basic data services. We need a national fiber optic network for this. This project will bring fiber optics for phone, data, and video to Tehsil headquarters that don’t have it yet.

Telecom providers can serve tehsils by extending fiber links. Making infobahns for all tehsils. There is 6,447 km of fiber optics that connect 56 tehsils and 26 cities.

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Under special projects, several things have been started, like ICTs for girls, installing 13 computer labs at colleges, letting people with disabilities use mobile, and telecom services, and setting up telecenters.

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